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the people who live in Kamilari want to encourage a caring, humane approach to animals   

Why Kamilari Cares?


Kamilari Cares has been set up by concerned Greek and foreign residents of Kamilari in an attempt to promote animal welfare. To find out what we do or help come to a meeting.

Kamilari Cares members will not accept animals without prior agreement. 

We are an animal welfare organisation and our main aim is to promote animal welfare.  We are a pressure group and campaigning organisation with a key objective to achieve compliance with animal welfare and environmental laws.  We are not an animal shelter and do not pay, or find homes, for animals that owners throw out or the unwanted babies of unsterilised animals.  The responsibility for stray animals lies with the Municipality and abused animals with the Police. Call 2892340203 if you find a stray animal.

We meet regularly in the Sylogos in Kamilari. Look in the diary for the date of the next meeting. All are welcome. Please come and show your support. Dare to Care!


It is the intention of Kamilari Cares Animal Welfare Group to create a dialogue in the community which seeks to improve the living conditions of all animals and to campaign against the poisoning of animals.  A programme of education aimed at young people to bring about respect for animals will be central to our approach.  Inevitably, raising funds must be an important element of this undertaking through events such as 'Bring and Buy' sales, raffles, etc., or simply donations.

We are committed to an open and transparent process.  All our meetings are open to everyone interested in supporting the above aims.

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Some of the key questions we ask are:

Why Feed?

It is natural to want to feed stray cats and dogs when you see them, even if you are only visiting for a short while. However, when visitors leave and the food supply is gone, this can create problems. 

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Why Poison?

Many see the only way to control unwanted cats and dogs is to put down poison, but not only is this extremely cruel, it is also against the law .

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Why Abandon?

If a pet is unwanted there are ways to find a home – it is cruel and illegal to abandon a cat or a dog. 

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Kamilari is located in the south of Crete, very close to Tymbaki, Mires and the seaside villages of Kalamaki and Matala.

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